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World of Furries: SFW IRC Network

Welcome to the World of Furries: SFW IRC Network. This network was created in 2016 as a SFW IRC network for furries who want to chat with one another but avoid all the adult nature of the fandom. Please follow our rules and enjoy your stay in the chat.

The network connection is irc.worldoffurries.net:6667

WoF News and Updates


Our Web IRC client was taken down as our server is shared with other services and they needed the bandwidth. The network is still online!


Our IRC web client is now operational. Just click on "Chat" and type in a name. Its still in testing but it should work for now.


Our IRC Network is up and running! To join, follow our instructions on the IRC Prep link at the top left of the page. (All the cool furs hang out on channel #Lobby)


World of Furries has a fresh, new website!